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About the Employee Benefits Committee

Committee Action Plan


Who We Are
CPAs and associates in public practice, industry, government, and education with an interest in, and focus on, employee benefit plan audits, pension liabilities, plan sponsors’ financial statements, and tax and human resource issues related to employee benefits.

What We Do
The Committee generally has monthly meetings that provide its members with a forum for:
• The exchange of ideas on currents events;
• The dissemination of information related to the financial reporting and audit issues as well as Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Code  and state law requirements relevant to benefit plans;
• The opportunity to discuss current practice problems;
• The planning of sessions and conferences.

Each year the Committee sponsors an all-day conference which features prominent speakers from regulatory agencies, such as the Department of Labor and the Treasury Department, as well as from public accounting firms and industry.

Who Should Join

Members who:
• Audit employee benefit plans;
• Perform accounting and reporting for employee benefit plans;
• Deal with pension and other postretirement benefit liabilities of the plan sponsor;
• Are interested in staying current on benefit matters;
• Want to share problems and solutions with their peers; and
• Want to actively participate in the Committee meeting and Society affairs.