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NYC Accountants Earn the Highest Salaries, Analysis Finds

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
May 17, 2023

Accountants in New York City earn more than in any other U.S. city, Bloomberg reported, based on a recent analysis.

The analysis was performed by workforce intelligence firm Revelio Labs; its findings were adjusted based on median income levels in cities.

A New York accountant’s adjusted median salary is $95,308, Revelio found. By contrast, the lowest adjusted median salary for an accountant is in Dallas, at $65,189—a 46 percent differential.

That may still not add up to much, given the cost of living in expensive cities such as New York, San Francisco or Honolulu. A New York City salary of $312,000 is needed to net $100,000 after taxes and cost of living adjustments, Bloomberg reported in April, using analysis by financial information provider SmartAsset.

“Many factors impact salaries in a city—the types of employers present, the overall income and cost of living there, and the relative supply and demand for a role,” said Lisa Simon, senior economist at Revelio. “In absolute terms, a data scientist may make the most in San Francisco, but that is no longer true when we adjust for the cost of living there. For nurses, the best place is the relatively remote Bakersfield, California, while accountants benefit from being in the city close to where their clients are.”

While working as an accountant may be more lucrative in New York, that is not so for economists, according to the analysis. They make 35 percent more in Seattle.