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IRS Lists the Most Common Tax Return Errors, Saying E-Filing Can Avoid Many of Them

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
Feb 2, 2023

Filing season is under way, and the IRS has issued a list of the most common tax return errors. The IRS calls theses errors “surprisingly simple.”

They are:

• Filing too early;
• Missing or inaccurate Social Security numbers;
• Misspelled names;
• Entering information inaccurately;
• Incorrect filing status;
• Mistakes when figuring credits or deductions;
• Math mistakes;
• Incorrect bank account numbers; and
• Unsigned forms.

The IRS advised taxpayers to file electronically, which can help them to avoid many mistakes, and can also help them to claim valuable credits and deductions. It also advised using a reputable tax preparer to help to avoid errors.

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