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NextGen makes our future bright

Bruce Zgoda
Published Date:
Jan 26, 2016

Buffalo Chapter President

I heard a great saying the other day: “You can never be wrong by doing what is right.” As I continue my year as president, I am constantly reminded that CPAs are held to a higher standard, so just remembering that responsibility should makes it easy for us to do what is right.

I was privileged to attend Hamburg and South Park School District’s Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge on Nov. 19, coordinated by one of our own new members, Jim Gramkee. Seeing these high school students perform was awesome, to say the least. They so inspired me that I immediately volunteered to teach a class to these future financiers. There are always opportunities for the profession to support our young leaders of tomorrow, you just have to seek them out. 

Chris Learman, our treasurer, continues to create community in the Buffalo Chapter through the Day After Club, a valuable resource for smaller firms, which offers assistance with succession planning, cyber security, efficiency methods and many other small-firm specific issues. 

Ed Arcara, Pat McGrath and Patricia Johnson, all past presidents, but members who continually share their knowledge with me and the rest of the organization. One thing you learn as a member is that there is always a great person who is willing to make sure you become successful in what you do. 

Our November meeting was held just days before Thanksgiving where we welcomed many new faces who are excited to contribute to the chapter in a big way. If these new recruits are our future leaders, then our future is bright. I’d like to thank Christie Adamczak, our NextGen Committee chair, for continuing to come up with new ideas for our young CPAs and is also putting in extra time in recruitment. Another November success for the chapter was our Not-for-Profit CPE session on Nov. 18. Thank you to Sarah Hopkins for coordinating it.

December is a very busy planning month for us all as we serve our clients and get ready for another tax season, but it also Christmas, which I hope¾for those of you who celebrate this holiday¾will be shared with your families and loved ones. As the year comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who has touched my life in some way--fellow chapter members, my colleagues, and of course, friends and family¾I could not do my job without you. God bless you and Merry Christmas to you all. Remember to be thankful for what you have, and not ungrateful for what you don’t. If we have our health and are loved, what more do we need?

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