Attention FAE Customers:
Please be aware that NASBA credits are awarded based on whether the events are webcast or in-person, as well as on the number of CPE credits.
Please check the event registration page to see if NASBA credits are being awarded for the programs you select.

FAQs for Webcast and Self Study Viewers on the CPE Store

Q: What kind of Internet connection do I need to view a webcast?

A: FAE recommends a wired Ethernet connection to view our webcasts. Wireless Internet is an option; however, you may experience connectivity issues if the wireless network isn’t up to the task. Your Internet connection should have download speeds of at least 5Mbps. FAE recommends an Internet connection capable of at least 10Mbps. This will help to ensure a smooth and clear streaming experience. You can verify your Internet connection capabilities using the speedtest tool at 

Q: What are the browser requirements?

A: FAE recommends Chrome. You may have success with Firefox, Safari, MS Edge, or Internet Explorer; however, our customer portal works best with Chrome.

Q: What are the hardware requirements?

A: A computer capable of playing YouTube videos in 720P HD will be capable of handling a CPE livestream. You may also choose to watch the stream on your mobile device or a tablet/iPad.

Q: How do I prove my attendance/receive credit for a live webcast?

A: Over the course of the day, four Participation Codes will appear along the top edge of the screen. The first time they appear, a doorbell chime will sound. Record each of the four codes and use them to complete the codes quiz below the video at the end of the day. Please make sure you are viewing the video in full-screen mode. If you are hiding the top of the screen, you may miss codes! For each webcast an attendee is registered for they have two quiz attempts to gain CPE credit. If you fail both quiz attempts and feel you should receive partial credit, you can contact customer service at 800-537-3635 or email for assistance.

Q: How do I prove my attendance/receive credit for a self study (on-demand) course?

A: At the termination of the video course, please click the codes/quiz button below the video. Complete the quiz and submit it to receive a grade. You will need at least an 80% score to pass and obtain credit.

Q: When I view the webcast, what makes the sound and video skip, cut out, or buffer?

Sound or video skips, cut outs, or buffers can happen for a few reasons. If you experience these issues, first try refreshing your browser page. This can be completed in a few ways:

  • Clicking the circular arrow in or near the address bar
  • Right-clicking the page and choosing reload or refresh
  • Ctrl-R (PC) or Command-R (Mac)

If refreshing your browser does not work, you may be experiencing one of the following issues:

Slow connection: You may not have a fast enough Internet connection to reliably view the webcast online. Your Internet connection should have download speeds of at least 5Mbps. FAE recommends an Internet connection capable of at least 10Mbps.

Slow network: Internet congestion can slow down the delivery of the stream and make it difficult for you to connect or may cause buffering. If you repeatedly have difficulty connecting, please notify your in-house IT department; if you are at home, contact your Internet service providerÍ¢--there are often quick fixes they can make when they learn about your issue.

Slow computer: If your computer is old, it might be too slow to play the stream, regardless of what else it’s doing. Or, if you have lots of other programs open, they may be using too much processor time and/or RAM for the player to work properly. Try closing other nonvital programs, refreshing your page (see above), and viewing the webcast again.

Local congestion: Local bandwidth (on your computer or local network) is shared between all open applications and the player. Closing applications may reduce buffering.

No sound will play: Visit another video site and make sure that videos play sound. If you hear sound on YouTube, make sure your seminar’s video player isn’t muted. If you don’t hear any sound, check your player volume, system volume, and speaker volume, and ensure that they are all turned on and turned up.

Corporate firewalls/bandwidth: Most corporate networks have firewalls that will allow live webcasting, but older firewalls and high-security buildings may have a block. If this is the case, the only way you can watch the webcast is to ask your IT department to adjust their firewall and bandwidth so that it allows the webcast.

Q: Help! My webcast is completely gone and will not come back no matter what I try!

If your webcast will not return after trying the above fixes, the stream may have gone down due to technical issues. If this is the case, everyone on the stream will be having the same issues as you. Send a message to tech support using the “For technical support or to ask the speaker a question, click here” link below the video frame on the classroom page. If you do not receive a response within a few minutes, it is likely that the stream is down for everyone and that we are working on getting it back up.

Q: Will I lose credit for not being able to watch while the stream is down?

No. In cases where the stream goes down, all activity on-site is suspended until the stream is up and running again. Participation codes are not shown during outages, and you will not be penalized for the disruption.

Q: Will I be able to see what I missed?

Yes. If your webcast is interrupted by stream or technical issues on our end, all attendees will be given access to a full version that includes all footage of the event.

Q: Can I view the live stream on a mobile device?

You can view the webcast from a mobile device, such as a cell phone, iPad, laptop, or tablet. We recommend that you be somewhere where there is fast, reliable WiFi or a strong data connection in order to avoid any interruptions. Please be mindful that the Participation Codes show at the top of the screen, so remember to activate full-screen mode when viewing from a mobile device in order to avoid missing any when they show. If the Participation Codes are still being blocked by video information, tap into the webcast to remove that information and webcast player controls.