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IRS Launches Business Tax Accounts and Enhances Tax Pro Accounts

S.J. Steinhardt
Published Date:
Oct 23, 2023

The IRS is offering new business tax accounts, which will allow companies to view and track their taxes. In addition, the agency is making improvements to its online tax professional accounts, Accounting Today reported.

Launched earlier this year, the first phase of business tax accounts allowed unincorporated sole proprietors who have an active Employer Identification Number to set up a business tax account, where they can view their business profile and manage authorized users. 

"The business tax account will allow businesses to check their tax payment history, make payments, view notices, authorize powers of attorney and conduct other business with the IRS," said IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel at a press conference last week.

The IRS announced these and other future improvements in a press release last week.

Werfel also reported on improvements to Tax Pro Accounts.

"We are making continued enhancements to our tax professionals' online accounts, helping them manage their active client authorizations on file with a Centralized Authorization File database, which stores the information on individuals authorized to act on a taxpayer's behalf," IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel said at a press conference last week. "Tax professionals can now view their clients' tax information, including balance due amounts. Also, Tax Pro Account users can now withdraw from their active authorizations online in real time."

"We are providing enhancements to the tax professional online accounts," Werfel said in response to a question from Accounting Today. "And we engage very closely with the tax professional community, understanding what their needs are in order to do their job. They're a critical part of the process, so we will continue to make enhancements to the tax professional accounts. We're excited about some of the enhancements that we announced earlier today."

Laurel Blatchford, the Treasury Department's chief implementation officer for Inflation Reduction Act, also touted the IRS"s “dramatically improved 2023 filing season thanks to Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) resources."  She noted that the increased resources enabled by that legislation allowed the agency to strengthen enforcement and to undertake new initiatives to pursue high-income, high-wealth individuals who do not pay overdue tax bills and complex partnerships.

The IRS also said that it was continuing to improve taxpayer service and to modernize its technology.

"Previously announced improvements like the ability to respond to notices online are now benefiting tens of thousands of taxpayers," Blatchford said. "The Treasury and the IRS are focused on achieving near-term service improvements and longer-term modernization."

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